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Forms, Fees, Information & Hours

Required Forms
Please Download, Print & Complete the Forms as Required
for your selected Form of Therapy. Bring them with you when you come for your appointment.
All Clients  Please Complete & Bring to Appointment
Homeopathy Clients Please Complete & Bring to Appointment
Reiki & Tuning Fork Clients Please Complete & Bring With You!
Initial Homeopathy or Bach Flower Consultation
Your initial consultation will include a thorough interview which may take up to two hours. You will be asked questions about your personal and family history, as well as your body, mind and emotions. (Please bring your completed forms with you on the first visit.)
When all of the information about your physical, mental and emotional symptoms has been documented, the search for a remedy begins. We are a team in this and it is our goal to get to the root of the problem, not simply consider a remedy based on one or two symptoms. We want to find and eliminate the cause in order to allow the body's own healing power to take effect with a well-chosen remedy.
You may leave the initial consultation with a suggested Homeopathic Remedy or a Bach Flower Essence Blend or I may need to conduct further research for the appropriate remedy.This may take up to a week in non-acute situations.
Client's Role
Please be as specific as possible when answering questions on the forms and during the consultation. Being as open and complete as possible in describing your physical and mental symptoms will ensure that you are given the appropriate remedy. The Family History and Timeline can be very important here. All information is kept confidential.
You may want to keep a log or journal of your symptoms before and after the initial consult, this includes any dreams you may remember. After taking the remedy, pay attention to any shifts in physical or mental symptoms.
Follow-ups are extremely important! It is recommended that you check in no more than a week after taking the remedy for the first time or as recommended. It is important that we adjust the potency of the remedy and timing of when you take it so that we can effectively allow your body's natural healing power to take effect. Once we have the potency and dosing stabilized, you may check in every 4-8 weeks or as recommended.
Any new acute symptoms or conditions that arise must be addressed separately and will require a separate appointment.  

Fees For Services
All fees are due by the time services are rendered unless other arrangements have been made. I accept cash/checks at the time of appointments or Paypal payments through the website for consults.
Paypal payments will include a 4% transaction fee in the total.
Bach Flower Remedies:       Initial Consult for Adult or Child  -  $35.00
                                                Initial Consult for Animals - $25
                                                Follow-up in-person or phone - $25
Reiki & Tuning Fork Therapy®:  $65.00 per Hour
Homeopathy:                         Initial Adult or Child Consultation - $125.00
                                                Initial consult for animals – $45.00
        Follow-Up or Acute in-person or phone appt – $45.00 (After Initial Consult)
       **Email/Phone calls in between appts – $25/15 minutes with $25.00 minimum
Treatment is By Appointment Only 
I make House Calls! 
Available by Telephone or Email 
Monday - Sunday 9AM to 7PM
(562) 208-8909   or email

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